All You Need to Know About Beard Restoration

All You Need to Know About Beard Restoration

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  • Wed Apr 06, 2022
All You Need to Know About Beard Restoration

Beard is a unique trait of the male community. It's making Male look handsome and appealing. 

If you don't have a dense uniform beard and wish to have it. 

Thanks to the science and Technology that have fixed this issue. Now you can fulfill your wish with the latest beard restoration techniques. 

Bloom Hair Transplant is the Iconic clinic for Beard Restoration in Mumbai

What is a Beard transplant?

In Simple words, hair is taken out from one place and then transplanted to the beard region. 

This sounds simple, right! But how can the doctor do it? There are two main approaches to it: 

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE): This approach is highly advanced. The patient gets less pain and leaves no scar. 
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT): The surgeon cuts strips of skin, usually the back of the head, removes the individual hair follicle from the tissue, and then transplants it to the bald area.

How does Beard Transplant work?

There are mainly 3 steps involved in hair transplant: 


In FUE or FUT both approaches surgeon shaves the head to see a clear view of hair follicles. And before harvesting, local anesthesia is given. 


Once hair follicles are harvested, local anesthesia is given to the face where implantation will be done. The surgeon will implant each hair follicle as an agreed pattern of the beard.


In just one day you will recover from a hair transplant. Small crusts may surround newly implanted hair, but these should flake out in a few days.

After 7-10 days, it is normal to shave or trim. 

No worries: This is normal to fall off newly implanted hair follicles, but new hair will grow in its place.

Why Bloom Hair Transplant?

Dr. Vinod Sonawane founded Bloom Hair Transplant clinic in 2010. He is known for the Best Beard restoration service at an affordable price in Mumbai. He has taken more than 20 training in hair transplants across the globe. Dr. Vinod has 12 years of experience and has completed 3000+ procedures. He is a member of an association for hair restoration surgeons. 

Dr. Vinod was awarded as the iconic surgeon for hair transplant by the prominent media house. 

Bloom Hair Transplant has the mission to deliver more than the commitment. 

Bloom Hair Transplant services in Mumbai. 

Bloom Hair Transplant provides complete services on hair in Mumbai. These services are like: 

  • Hair transplant 
  • Male hair transplant
  • Female hair transplant
  • Hair Restoration

Bloom Hair Transplant provides the best Body Hair Restoration in Mumbai

The clinic has a 99.99 % success rate in the industry which makes it an Iconic brand in India. 

Happy Clients 

Bloom Hair Transplant has 13000+ and growing happy clients across the country. Many of them have given their feedback on the Bloom Hair Transplant website. Some of them have given google reviews. 

Dr. Vinod Sonawane of Bloom Hair Transplant gives their best to each person's desire and expectation. He provides proper follow-up post-transplant.

Feel free to call or contact us.


No one knew I was going to get this done. When I returned from the procedure, no one could believe I had it done. Thanks to the Best Hair Transplant Service in Mumbai - Bloom Hair Transplant team

Akash Bachav
Akash Bachav

I wanted to stay ahead of my receding hairline and hair loss, so I restored the hair I was losing at Bloom Hair Transplant. I wash it. I get it cut. It's my own real hair growing on top of my head.

Kiran Khaire
Kiran Khaire

I wanted a natural solution to my hair loss. I wanted my own hair, my own color, my own texture. It's my hair. Bloom Hair Transplant just moved it from one place to another. I've seen me with hair and without hair. And I definitely like how I look better with hair.

Deepak Bangar
Deepak Bangar

It's absolutely amazing. It amazes me now to think that why didn't I do it earlier. I could not have been happier without it.

Mazhar Khan
Mazhar Khan

I was 34 years old, before I decided to do something about my hair loss, which had bothered me for 15 years. After now i`m enjoying the results for the last 2 years and my new found sense of confidence, I really wish I had done this earlier. Thank you Dr Vinod & his professional team.

Nilesh Gaware
Nilesh Gaware

Discovering Bloom Hair Transplant has changed my life. Only somebody who's going through what I was going through could understand. I tried so hard to stay healthy and maintain my youth, but I couldn't stop time and baldness. Since Bloom Hair Transplant restored my hair, I can see it getting thicker again, instead of thinner. Bloom Hair Transplant has given me back my youth and self-confidence.

Vishu Pol
Vishu Pol

Whenever I run my hand through my hair, I know it's my real hair and it feels good. I know it's going to be there from now on. Why be bald if you don't have to. You do have a choice to do something about it like I did.

Sanika More
Sanika More

I must say, one of the best self improvement decisions I have ever made.

Nitin Potekar
Nitin Potekar

Frequently Asked Questions

If patient undergoes strip FUT method then scar is expected but it is negligible, undetectable and get hidden by hair at the back. In FUE method there is no scar.

There is no age limit .Very elderly patients can also undergo hair transplant if he is medically fit.

– Men with male pattern baldness (MPB). – Women with female pattern hair loss (FPHL). – Those who want to restore moustache ,beard ,eyebrows and advance hair line. – Hair loss due to burn ,scar ,injuries etc.

No. Hair roots are very tough and can tolerate surgery or any irritation.

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