Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio Fue Hair Transplant in Mumbai

BIO FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai is the effective and improved version of FUE hair transplant which gives positive and natural hair growth. The aim of this modern technology is to enhance FEU results by combining cell-based hair growth hormones into the surgical procedure. This treatment heals the transplanted area rapidly and the enhance new hair grows better in strength.

In Bio Hair Transplant, grafts are kept in bio stimulating growth factors. These growth factors help in the fast healing of the donor site. It leads hair to grow more quickly. It also enhances the density of non transplanted hair. In this treatment, regenerative cells are injected into the FUE donor site for fast healing and hair regeneration. The cells also help to enhance the quality and density of existing non transplanted hair.

Modern Hair Transplant Treatment in Maharashtra

At Bloom Hair Transplant, we provide the Best Modern Hair Transplant Treatment in Maharashtra.This advanced treatment is better for hair regrowth. There is no linear scar left behind on the scalp where the graft has been extracted. The finest aspect about this therapy is that it permanently rejuvenates dead hair follicles, resulting in good, and healthy hair growth.

Our Services Range

Direct hair Transplant

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the latest and advanced technology which has been introduced in India. DHI takes great care in extracting and implanting hair follicles in the proper way. All of this is done manually by doctors who have been particularly trained in the DHI approach and are fully trained and certified. At Bloom Hair Transplant, we offer the best Direct Hair Transplant in Mumbai. 

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Body Hair Transplant

Body hair restoration is a novel treatment. In this process, hair follicles are extracted from various places of your body and transplanted into the bald region of your scalp. It helps in achieving optimum hair density. You can rely on us for the best Body Hair Restoration in Mumbai.

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Robotic Fue Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant enables harvesting hair grafts at a faster rate than the traditional method. This treatment results in a higher success rate in harvesting and hair regrowth. There will be no scars and stitches involved in this process. If anyone is looking for effective Robotic FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai, contact us. 

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Revision Fue Hair Transplant

If you have had a hair restoration treatment and are not satisfied with the unnatural hairline, hair density, patches, visible scars, or other hair restoration results, you are a perfect candidate for a Revision FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai. We thoroughly examine your scalp, discuss your concerns regarding past hair restoration procedures, and then recommend the best revision hair transplant surgery for you.

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Hairline Correction

Hairline Correction Treatment in Mumbai will help you in achieving the ideal hairline for your age and face shape. The single most essential characteristic that can make your face look younger is a healthy frontal hairline. The good hairline speaks a lot about our beauty and vitality. To get the best hairline treatment, contact us today. 

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