How to fix a patchy beard?- Bloom Hair Transplant

How to fix a patchy beard?- Bloom Hair Transplant

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  • Aug 08, 2022
How to fix a patchy beard?- Bloom Hair Transplant

What is a patchy beard?

Patchy beard or uneven facial hair growth is quite common among males. Patchy beard results are generally due to genetic patterns and family heredity. A patchy beard can also arise due to the imbalanced diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, fungal infection and chemical products. Beard Restoration in Mumbai is performed by various methods at the most reasonable price with the most experienced dermato surgeons. 

# Common remedies of patchy beard

  • The most common tried and tested method for the patchy beard is to let the beard grow out for at least four to six weeks, you should resist the urge to trim the patchy beard and let it grow to its maximum length. 
  • Regular exercise has also proved to be helpful in the treatment of the patchy beard. Exercise improves the blood circulation on the face and helps to grow the bread to its maximum strength. 
  • Regular exercise helps to remove toxins from the skin and helps to improve hair growth. Different exercises involving jaw area activity can be beneficial for beard growth. 
  • According toBeard Restoration in Mumbai- Beard oils can also prove to be helpful, exercise after putting oil can be of great advantage for patchy beard growth. Beard oils nourish the beard and promote beard growth and provide essential nutrients to beard growth.
  • Brushing a beard can also increase blood flow and lift up the skin to promote beard growth. Regular brushing of the beard is helpful for the faster growth of the beard.
  • Regular massage also plays an important role in beard growth as blood flow increases due to the massage which promotes beard growth. 

# Causes for beard patches

A number of reasons can be listed for the patchy beard it can be-

  • Hormones- The primary sex hormone testosterone is mainly responsible for the male characteristics also called secondary sexual characteristics. An increase in DHT affects hair follicles negatively and resists hair growth which leads to the patchy beard pattern and also baldness in males. 
  • Genetics- Your DNA can also be the culprit for your worries about the patchy beard. It is observed that family heredity runs for baldness and less hair growth and a patchy beard. It is common in a family to have similar kinds of hair patterns and hair complications.
  • Infections- Different germs like fungus, bacteria can cause skin infections and that lead to a patchy beard or less hair growth. When your active hair follicles are alive you can grow your hair back. 

# Details about Beard Transplant in Maharashtra

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the most preferred method for the Beard and Moustache hair transplant in MumbaiBeard and moustache hair transplant can help to get healthy, prominent and natural-looking beard and moustache hair. Beard transplant can be proved to be the all-time solution from the patchy beard and moustache. Beard transplant has become popular these days.

FUT( Follicular Unit Transplant) is also used for patchy beard and moustache treatment.

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