The Iconic Surgeon for Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai 2022

The Iconic Surgeon for Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai 2022

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  • Aug 08, 2022
The Iconic Surgeon for Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai 2022

Hair Loss creates a lot of worries in our life. It sakes day to day confidence. But thanks to science and technology, we have created the solution to the problem. 

Bloom Hair Transplant is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in MumbaiSince 2010 the clinic has served more than 13,000 happy clients. 

It offers services: 

  • Hair Transplant
  • Male Hair Transplant 
  • Female Hair Transplant 
  • Hair Restoration

The Iconic Surgeon of Bloom Hair Transplant

Dr Vinod Sonawane is awarded the iconic Hair Transplant surgeon by Mid-Day, an Eminent, and prestigious media House. He is an Internationally certified doctor and has taken 20 hair transplant training from all over the world. 

Dr had the experience of more than 12 years and has done 3,000+ procedures. He is a member of AHRS, Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons. 

Dr Vinod believes in delivering more than the commitment. 

He has his own Youtube channel where he shares patient reviews and Educates people about hair transplants.

The Training Institute

Dr Vinod provides training courses for doctors. As he has taken 20 hair training sessions from across the globe, now he shares his expertise with the other Fellows' doctors. 

The Training consists of interactive lectures, hands-on experience, and certification. 

This training program will provide a complete comprehensive education in the field of hair transplant.

The course is of three kinds: 3 days, 6 days and 14 days. 

The interested doctor can read the details of the training here.

Male Hair Transplant in Mumbai 

Hair Transplant in simple words is- removing hair from one place and then implanting it in the desired place. Men face the problem of baldness and choose to go for a hair transplant. 

Is a Male Hair transplant permanent? 

The Male hair transplant is long-lasting and considered to be permanent. 

Is a Male Hair Transplant painful? 

No. Thanks to local anesthesia and post medication. While no surgery is completely painless. Some temporary discount is expected. 

The cost of a Male Hair Transplant in Mumbai

The cost depends on the various factors and the requirements of the individuals. The factors like the number of grafts, sitting required, the techniques are chosen, and many more. 

The cost of a male hair transplant ranges from 20,000-1.5 Lakhs.

Bloom Hair Transplant offers thebest price for Male Hair Transplant in Mumbai.

Moustache Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Having a thick moustache is the wish of every Indian Male. Men consider it a sign of masculinity. If you are wishing to have a thick moustache, Bloom Hair Transplant clinic is the leading expert in Mumbai for hair transplants.

Beard Hair Transplant in Mumbai.

Men wish to have a full or thick beard. But due to various reasons like heredity or accidents, people lack their beards. Earlier this was a problem. But now after years of research & development, surgeons are capable of Beard Hair transplants.

Bloom Hair Transplant is a reputed clinic in Mumbai that provides services for Beard Hair transplants.

Bloom Hair Transplant is a well-known clinic for complete comprehensive hair transplant services in Mumbai. Dr. Vinod Sonawane, the surgeon is on the mission to deliver more than his commitment.


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