What Is The Best Age To Get Hair Transplantation

What Is The Best Age To Get Hair Transplantation

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  • Aug 08, 2022
What Is The Best Age To Get Hair Transplantation

Hair restoration is an effective treatment for those who are facing hair loss. Hair loss may occur due to various reasons like pollution, stress, genetic issues, poor diet, a result of some serious disease, etc. The demand for hair transplantation is increasing day by day. Hair transplant is a surgery that aims to restore a more youthful appearance for those distressed by hair loss. Bloom Hair Transplant provides the Best Hair Treatment in Mumbai. They are also known for being the best and affordable for Body Hair Restoration in MumbaiBody hair restoration is a novel treatment. 

In this process, follicles are extracted from various places of your body and are transplanted into the bald region of your scalp. This process is widely accepted, as many people don't have enough hair on the backside of their heads. So the doctors need to extract the follicles from the other region of your body. Body hair transplant includes extraction of hair follicles from the chest, beard, pubic hair, legs, and arms to cover the scalp. 

Is Age Important in the Growth of Transplanted Hairs?

As we grow older, people start experiencing hair fall and also decrease in their cell and slowdown in their cell regeneration processes. This condition affects all types of the healing process as well as processes after hair transplantation and the success rate of hair restoration. Weakening of the hair follicles with age leads to an extended recovery time. Because after trying to transplant weak hair follicles, it is not easy for these follicles to hold on to the transplanted area. For this reason, successful results may not be obtained. However people's physical condition may vary widely

Minimum and Maximum Age for Hair Transplant

Most ideal age for hair transplantation is between 18-65 years of age. This is not ethically correct for an individual under the age of 18 to have plastic surgery. In addition to the people under the age of 18 who want to have hair fall treatment, their parents are asked to be with them during the surgery. 65 is the age when living hair cells are reduced very badly. As a result of lessening hair cells that continue their viability, not adequate hair can be transplanted into the bald area. Because of this, the probability of hair restoration after the age of 65 is reduced. 

Bloom Hair Transplant is one of the best hair service providers for Hair Transplants in Mumbai. They offer a wide range of hair restoration services. The hospital has skilled and experienced doctors who are well known for carrying out effective Hair Restoration Treatment in India. The skilled hair transplant surgeon provides the patient with the finest guidance and complete support throughout the journey of your treatment. Using cutting-edge hair transplant techniques and technology, Bloom Hair Transplant is the leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai. They have experience of more than 10 years in this field and now they are pro in conducting hair transplantation. They offer various treatments like FUE, FUT, laser hair transplant, biofuel hair transplant, hair correction, scalp micropigmentation, platelet-rich plasma therapy, etc. 

Bloom Hair Transplant is also known for being the best Male Baldness Treatment in Mumbai. The clinic also provides beard and mustache hair transplantation at a very affordable cost. This treatment is also for men who have patchy hair loss from different areas of mustache and beards. At Bloom Hair Transplant the patient is provided with a skilled and experienced surgeon who conducts various hair restoration processes from start to end. They offer world-class Hair Loss Treatment and Restoration in Mumbai. They use modern procedures and the latest techniques to carry out hair transplantation surgery.


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