Can Hair Transplantation Affect The Rest Of My Hair?

No. Hair roots are very tough and can tolerate surgery or any irritation.

Who Are The Candidates Suitables For Surgery?

– Men with male pattern baldness (MPB). – Women with female pattern hair loss (FPHL). – Those who want to restore moustache ,beard ,eyebrows and advance hair line. – Hair loss due to burn ,scar ,injuries etc.

What Is The Age Limit For Hair Transplant?

There is no age limit .Very elderly patients can also undergo hair transplant if he is medically fit.

Is There Any Scar After Surgery?

If patient undergoes strip FUT method then scar is expected but it is negligible, undetectable and get hidden by hair at the back. In FUE method there is no scar.

Does Hair Transplantation work?

Yes, of course. It has become a common surgical procedure for baldness therapy. It is the treatment of choice for individuals who have a chance of regrowth of hair.

What is Direct Hair Transplant?

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) is a leading and new technique of hair transplantation. This treatment is an improved version of FUE in which grafts are extracted and implanted in the recipient area. DHI allows the grafts to return to their own environment more quickly and without being damaged.

Which is the best hair care treatment?

The Direct Hair Transplant (DHT) method is one of the most sophisticated methods of hair transplantation as compared to FUE, or FUT treatment.

Who will perform the hair transplant procedure, doctor or skilled technicians?

Only experienced doctors perform all the hair transplantation surgery. At Bloom Hair Transplant, we strive to provide the best result and maximum patient satisfaction.

Is the Hair Transplant permanent?

Yes, the transplanted hair is obtained from permanent roots from the back of the scalp and is transplanted onto the bald region. Thus, It will grow normally.

What Will Happen To My Existing Hair After Hair Translant?

Although new transplanted hairs are permanent, original existing hairs may continue to fall but Dr. Vinod will advise you for the same to avoid further hair fall.

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