• Lecture consist of Anatomy
  • Hair growth cycle Topographic zones Grading of baldness
  • Logic of hair transplant
  • Calculating the required grafts
  • Types of hair transplant
  • How to identify permanent donor area
  • Preop assessment
  • Pre op instructions
  • Hairline design
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Preformed slits
  • Punches
  • Steps of FUE
  • Grafts preservation
  • PRP
  • Implantation techniques
  • deal implantation technique
  • Post-op instructions
  • Complication of hair transplant
  • Advantages of hair transplant
  • Disadvantages of hair transplant
  • Unshaven FUE
  • Body hair transplant beard mustache eyebrow
  • Female hair transplant
  • Medical management

In these Hair Transplant Training Courses for Doctors, interactive lectures and hands - on training is provided to all the participants. These courses are conducted at Ghatkoper mumbai .

Terms and condition -

Any procedure in which the trainee has to participate, a prior permission will be approved from the patient

We can help you in arrangement of accommodation but we do not guarantee you for the booking of the same

A training certificate will be provided on the behalf of bloom hair transplant

Bloom hair transplant training program

These programs will provide a comprehensive education in the field of hair transplant surgery. The training will be given by dr Vinod sonawane , director of bloom hair transplant

Certificate course

  • 3 days course - includes lecture observation and hands-on training
  • 6 days course includes - 2 days lecture,2 days observation, 2 days hands-on training
  • 14 days course includes - 2 days lecture,2 days observation and 10 days hands on training


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